Thursday, 3 December 2015

Partywear Photoshoot

Last week we did our annual partywear photoshoot with Burlesque star Missy Malone. Missy was our very first model back in December 2010 and we have worked with her ever since.

I always struggle with timing our shoots because there is always something new coming out that will inevitably be missed. Already we have two dresses that we couldn't get sampled in time - one of which is a hot leopard print style.

Nethertheless, it was a great shoot with plenty of new and exciting styles that we will most likely continue on to early spring.

A lot to get through :-)

This was an easy going shoot, with a simple white background - but we had a lot to get through. We are trying to slowly build up an archive of model shots to show customers, returning and new, how the styles will look their best. We are expecting to do this with separates and to create seasonal look books. Customers tell us that this really helps them to make good choices and build their own looks up.

The party skirt 

New products include the 50s Silver Party Skirt - a full box pleat skirt in silver brocade. So fabulous and very wearable for those who prefer to avoid dresses. But also - and coming soon - is our superb 50s Marilyn Jacket in soft leopard print. My days of venturing out to a party in winter without a coat are completely over so I cannot wait for this - its just the perfect answer to party wear glamour!

To see our party wear lookbook - click here

Many thanks again to Missy and to Dom from Bespoke Imagery for a great day and inspirational pics!

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