Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Autumn Photoshoot

Autumn Photoshoot

Despite our national preference for long summer evenings and a greater prospect of heat than normal, I am glad summer has broken to Autumn. I love the colours, the weather ain't really that bad and the best thing about Autumn is the clothing.

We start planning the seasonal collections in advance and our Autumn shoot was actually done in July. However, you wouldn't have known it for the weather.

Plenty of new colours and styles

Colours for this season's collection are:-
- navy
- coral
- rich earthy colours such as deep reds, stone, mustard and brown
- black as always

Its difficult to follow specific colour palettes when we also try to represent the decades separately (20s through to 60s) - but we feel with this collection we have nailed it.

The Shoot

Many will recall we used to do era photoshoots using a model to identify with that decade (30s at the Midland Hotel, 40s with Lola Lamour etc). However, I decided to change this to a seasonal shoot where i can include whatever i want without restriction. This is because I design a style when it feels right not because we are doing a specific photoshoot.

So for the moment, our shoots feature 20s dresses right through to 60s - but as many of our customers mix decades and looks whenever they like - this seems right for now.

Again we used Tanya Beetham - a fabulous model who brings that something extra special to each shoot. Her colouring of strawberry blonde works great with the season palette and I just love freckles cos it reminds me of my sister Becky ;-)

The lovely Bethany joined us again and worked her magic - I wanted a soft hairstyle of flowing curls that would translate across the eras represented by the shoot.

We again used the set for the shoot - using the wallpaper theme to join the collection. Chris Lord was the photographer and again brought a new approach to the shoot. He is a very inspiring photographer and we have recently worked on a menswear shoot together which will be soon revealed.

New Products

We have some amazing 20s dresses coming in chiffons and a collection of dresses and separates in an exclusive vintage repro print on rayon marocaine crepe!!! (for fabric fans - you will know why this is exciting...).

I am hoping to get a look book online soon - but email us if you want a brochure as we have a few left from Goodwood.


To Bethany for always being delightful http://www.bethanyjanedavies.com
To Tanya for being a free spirit - never change :-)
To Chris for being up for owt! http://www.chrislordphotography.co.uk 
To Sue - for the coffee and running around

Friday, 18 September 2015

Twinwood 2015

We had sun, we had rain, we had dancing, fun and frolics! Plus plenty of shopping... not only in our stall but we also spent some time perusing the rather marvellous vintage stalls and picked up some real gems!

As mentioned time and time again, we love this event. Its down to earth in the way it runs and the people that visit and we simply have so much fun!

A few highlights from the event:-

Electric Swing Circus
Very 40s! Edna!

Purchase of classic 40s coat - it really is a rectangle! (terribly warm though)

Harry & Edna's battered kettle - a life saver!

Our fab customers!

Carradine's Cockney Singalong - with Champagne Charlie - very silly

More fabulous customers!

Thankyou to all our lovely customers who visited - see you again next year

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Get Ready for Goodwood Revival!

The first time we had a stall at Goodwood, it would be an understatement to say that we were overwhelmed.... The event is truly a spectacle!

That was four years ago and the event just keeps on growing and evolving. Never a dull moment that's for sure.

There are thousands of people that attend this event over the 3 days - most of whom are dressed vintage style. Some are vintage enthusiasts already - whilst others are new and maybe a little unsure of what to wear. At this time of year, we get many phonecalls from ladies asking for assistance on what to wear - so we've put together a few ideas for you.

The event generally covers 1940s to 60s - although there are plenty of other eras covered by vintage enthusiasts. 

Ideas for 60s Enthusiasts

Fancy yourself as Joan from Madmen? The 60s doesn't have to mean mini - check out our grown up glamour options - all limited edition of course:-

1. Queen Bee Dress- early 60s shapely wiggle dress
click here
2. Dolce Vita Dress in Red Rose
click here
(available in many colours and prints)
3. Lucy Dress in sunshine floral
click here

Ideas for 50s Enthusiasts

There's no doubt that 50s is one of the most flattering for all shapes - whether you go for a wiggle pencil style or a full and frothy petticoat - it's all so glam. Take a look at our 50s suggestions....

4. 50s Halter Swing Set -
pair with a chiffon petticoat for volume!
click here
5. Mansfield Dress - wiggle your way through the day
click here
6. 50s Jezebel Dress - pure opulence!
click here

We have a full selection of Goodwood Revival ready outfits on this page for you to peruse: http://www.thehouseoffoxy.com/en/goodwood-revival

We will be in the revival market - number 21 - please do come and see us!