Friday, 10 July 2015

A New Direction

So this post is about our recent rebrand and why it marks a new move for us.

Customers will have noticed our subtle rebrand at the beginning of the year.

We wanted to keep the 'Foxy' element of our name but we felt we had grown out of the play on words that marked our initial brand. 

We are different because we make everything in the UK, in a dedicated factory. And here we can create a number of new products throughout the year and are not restricted by seasonal collections that are mass produced in the far east. 

It also means that we can produce short runs of 25 or less easily. Our customers tell us that these limited edition garments are possibly the next best thing to original vintage because they yearn for something different...

This prompted us to look at what we could do to use this better - more detail, more limited editions, better quality and more higher end garments that are made to order. 

With all the above in mind together with the fact that we are/were all fans of national treasure TV series ' The House of Elliot' - The House of Foxy felt like a natural progression for us ;-)

We hope you like it too!

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