Thursday, 1 December 2011

Behind the Scenes - December 2011 Photoshoot

This posting is a little late but im afraid christmas got in the way and all of a sudden I'm playing catchup!

Anyway, our last photoshoot featured the marvellous Missy Malone and the delicious Slinky Sparkles! I have been planning to divide the collections for a while into eras and to use the models to define them. Missy modelled our 50s range and Slinky the 40s.

It's always difficult deciding when is the best time to shoot - but with a collection of exciting new samples ready from our own range aswell as lovely new dresses from our exisiting suppliers, I decided to bite the bullet. Fabulous vintage hairdresser, Bethany Jane Davies, came to do hair (she is also my new hairdresser and does authentic vintage haircuts!) and I was also fortunate to work with fashion photographer Phil Witcomb who made the day both easy and exciting! Thanks to everyone for a great and very enjoyable day!

Bethany working her magic (and nearly sending Missy to sleep in the process)
Slinky Sparkles modelling one of our new 1940s dresses

Thanks to all for a wonderful day - visit the site to see the new photos.

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